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These Downloadable cocktail recipes

are the same recipes our trained bar men and woman use at our events. Our bespoke mobile bar services come complete with a range of cocktails to choose from: we have all our recipes available for download for you to try before the event. Discover your endless summer with these signature cocktails.

Entertaining, informative and instructive guides to making your own delicious cocktails. The place to find great cocktail recipes for the home bar. Whip up Delicious Drinks in Minutes Bring the festivities back to your comfort zone. Keep the party going by serving up different cocktail drinks.

Whip up Delicious cocktail drinks at the snap of your fingers. Just splash together a few of your favorite ingredients, drop in a few trendy ice balls, and give your guests something to talk about for the rest of the summer.

Hot summer nights call for cool cocktails with plenty of tinkling ice, lush aromas and tasteful tingling flavor. Jozi bars event bars now offer cocktail bar services, we have included the cocktail recipes for you to view and try at home, have fun and let your imagination take hold. These are packed with flavor and are a simple addition to a night out! No need to be an experience mixologist or have formal bar training to pull these off. Cocktails for all occasions and tastes. Need catering?

Downloadable cocktail recipes:

Watermelon & cucumber mule


Lemon Infused Cosmo

Margherita Cocktail

Whiskey sours


Old Fashioned. | Margarita. | Cosmopolitan. | Negroni. | Mojito. | Moscow. mule. | Martini. | Whiskey sours. | Long island iced tea. | Aperol spritz. | John Collins. | Screw driver. | Tequila sunrise. | Julep. | Tom Collins. | Daiquiri. | Caprioska. | Southside. | Mint To Be. | Paloma.