mobile cocktail services? Planning events with purpose: the real meaning

mobile cocktail services? Event planning? So, you can see we’re all for planning events with purpose. But let’s zero in on what ‘purpose’ actually means in the context of event planning. The purpose of your event isn’t just the client’s goal, which could look something like:

Increased sales

Building customer loyalty

Or improving product knowledge at a launch – (Gin company’s use jozibars mobile bars for branding events and launches to promote their brands and create customer awareness)

Finding the ‘why’:

mobile bars know your why

You may have heard a term like ‘finding the why’ thrown around for the past few years. Now, in the event world, think of the brand you’re planning an event for as the Steve Jobs in this scenario. Therefore, Your, goal, as an event prof is to market to and attract, indeed inspire, the people who hold the same values as the brand you represent. And of course, the event itself will be an extension of that.

Marketing in line with the ‘why’:

Like most aspects of your event planning journey, attendee profiles provide the foundation for success. For instance, You should turn to these personas to inform your marketing approach when planning events with purpose. Look for connections between the values you know your personas to have, and the purpose of your event. Above all, when you start planning events with purpose, you must ask yourself ‘what’s in it for them?’ This simple question gives you the direction you need to make sure you’re not only meeting the needs of your client but that you’re also meeting the needs and expectations of your audience. Determining what’s in it for event goers is key to a remarkable event.

mobile cocktail services? Authenticity

mobile cocktail services or bar service, Is a vital component of forming that connection and getting prospects excited about the event. Mobile bars are a new movement and they are a lovely way to add a unique exciting feel for your next event. In fact, the need for authenticity is only growing in our increasingly conscious society.   In addition, That’s where brands that don’t just stand for profit, but for social good have an advantage. For instance, a brand with a strong thread of sustainability running through everything they do will be able to form an intimate connection with prospects who believe it’s time we started looking after the environment. A champagne bar with natural backdrop or scenic view? Promote healthy outdoor event spaces and mobile bar spaces. A mobile cocktail services?.

So, why are experiences so important to attendees? Well, the impact of experience is lasting. A great experience is a platform for forming new or deeper personal connections and fostering a sense of community. It’s also a way of injecting meaning into our lives and providing learning opportunities for personal growth.

With the large variety of bars and bar services available with your mobile bar, you can safely pick and choose a customized experience that suits you.

It also means you’ll have a wider variety of choice for your guests.


Create a purpose-focused event structure:

Choosing the right conference theme or even the topics covered is perhaps the most obvious way to incorporate your event’s purpose. Although event themes are often reinvented from one year to the next, you still need to make sure the theme you decide on resonates with the core values of the client. And of course, plan for topics that are relevant to brand values and interesting to attendees.

mobile cocktail services? Catering & Mobile bar services:

Everyone loves a well organized event, the food and the drinks create a nice tool for promoting your company and values, speak to the caterer and the mobile bar company. Ask for unique African inspired bars or foods that complement the event. Mobile cocktail services or gin bar services.

All the different aspects of your event’s structure should communicate the purpose of the event. This ranges from the topics covered, to the format of your event and even event downtime. Let’s take a closer look:

Choice of appropriate conference topics – choose spaces that lend themselves to your clientele.

Themed bars: African inspired bars and drinks.

A mobile bar comes with a stress free, peaceful mind. Events can create a lot of frustration and professional bar services can mitigate these frustrations.

Hire a mobile bar service that caterers to your needs, your guests can order drinks on demand, without you having to lift a finger. Themed events create the atmosphere needed and the event bar is the focal point for everyone attending.

A mobile bar can come complete with barmen, equipment, glasses, fridges, and displays. Everything you could need in one fully organised package. More than anything, a mobile bar is not just a product, but a unique service, that handles your catering needs with expertise.

Round-up of the benefits of getting clear on your events ‘why’:

Planning events with purpose come with a surprising amount of benefits when done right. Take a look:

Produces more qualified leads when clearly communicating the “why” through marketing

Strengthens the brand’s following

Results in finding new brand ambassadors

Creates a robust network of like-minded vendors

Facilitates connections with sponsors that have shared values

Means event goers will already be lining up to attend the brand’s next event

Improves chances for brand longevity because of increased sales

Helps you and your client gain a better understanding of the target audience

Overall: event success for you, the client and the event goers

 Choosing Jozi bars for your event needs:

We Understand the Market:

Our agency is highly experienced across the drinks and events arenas, which allows our clients to join the dots with their projects and campaigns. We have developed an understanding of the third space that spans small intimate gatherings, through to drinks brand strategy and all the way to sole provision of large scale bar contracts, the mobile bar services on offer are second to none.

We advise on what work and what will won’t. Is your brand the right fit for the events in your strategy? Is your bar solution the right one for the level of service required?

Why Choose Us?

We offer bespoke event bar services for clients requiring a premium bar service. We have specialist planners that will manage our client’s requirements and planning of their event to the smallest detail. All elements of our service can be tailored, from creative bar builds to bespoke cocktails or uniforms, we can advise every step of the way. Our bartenders are our most important asset. We are a team of vast experience which includes delivering events of the most exclusive and discreet nature through to milestone events which require energy and personality.

What we can do for your event!

The core of our business revolves around bars and bartenders.

We create extraordinary event bars for our clients, curated to every detail. Our event bar service is regularly engaged to deliver bar services by the leading luxury events planners, PR companies, corporates and discerning private clients. Our approach to creativity, exceptional cocktail programme, discretion, and reliability

What We Can Do

Offering drinks that are flavor and visual masterpieces. With a strong focus on provenance and local ingredients. We use glassware that is some of the most elegant and stunning on the market. We have a huge range of house bar units, have ties with the best bar hire companies and can create bespoke bar designs to any brief.

Our staff are leading industry professionals who are immaculately turned out. Our ethos is to do everything we can to ensure the highest levels of event bar production. There is creativity in everything we do. We are constantly innovating and integrating the latest trends. Sometimes we even create trends ourselves. When you work with our agency you get several things; getting experienced, knowledgeable and highly personable account management – our clients love working with us. You get creativity, a can do attitude and a wealth of options to level up your event bar services. You get access to the best products, the best suppliers and the best staff in the industry. mobile cocktail services.



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