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Mobile bar companies – If you’re looking for a professional solution to portable bar hire that will equip you with everything you need for a successful event, Jozibars mobile bar company is here to help.

We’ve worked hand in hand with leading industry professionals to ensure that our state-of-the-art cocktail bars are perfect for any event you have in mind.


Jozibars has the culmination of over 20 years of hospitality industry experience. We’ve had the pleasure to work with clients across all kinds of industry sectors as well as at high-profile events. we offer a bespoke range of services and take pride in being one of the best Mobile bar companies around.

We’ve painstakingly designed all of our high-quality cocktail bars to look as stylish as possible and you’ll find installation easy, no matter the location you have in mind.

This is what makes Jozibars mobile bar company in Johannesburg, the perfect choice for corporate events, festivals, trade shows, student balls, weddings, or parties of any size.

Our brand new range of mobile bars is designed to perfectly accommodate any setting, party size or occasion. Each mobile bar is sturdy, fully functioning and as easy to carry as it is to assemble. There are many mobile bar designs in three different sizes – catering to small, medium or larger scale events – and each bar has lights fitted beneath the bar top to help ensure a smooth service even in low lit settings

The added detail – and it is this attention to detail that our company believes is the key to delivering quality drinks and executing exceptional service. Our staff have everything you need to give your event that special touch, so whether you want to organise a private party, jazz up your drinks menu or develop your skills with some one-on-one cocktail training, get in touch and let us do what we do best.

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